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I Used This One Method to Trick My Brain. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.

I don’t know a single person who likes click bait. We all know, logically, that click baitey headlines are just appeals to our continual emotional state of incompleteness and we get mad at them because they play on our feelings, which are often much stronger than the more logical part of ourselves that we would rather associate ourselves with.

We click because we want to fill the curiosity gap that says we’ll be a more complete person if we just read this list of the “ten puppy fails that were so adorable they made us cry”. The problem is, we never are more complete because we are searching for external answers to an internal question…but this shit works so well that, even though I just made up that title for a totally fictional article, now I want to read it. Do you?

Which brings me to my main point…we can clickbait ourselves. We can use the emotional pull that works so well when people use it on us, turn it around on ourselves, and get a much more positive result.

I came to this realization one day when I was driving to a thing that I was not excited about and that I was not looking forward to. I was in my car in traffic, resenting the fact that I had agreed to something that wasn’t in line with what I wanted and, all of a sudden, the voice in my head said: “I went to a meeting that I thought was going to suck. You’ll never guess what happened next!”

And it was like the world shifted.

Now I couldn’t wait to get to my meeting to see what was going to happen. I know that sounds ludicrous, but that’s how dumb our brains are. I could tell it had really worked because my body and mind felt the change instantly. I was lighter and happier, traffic wasn’t bothering me anymore, my shoulders relaxed, and I felt genuinely curious as to what my experience was going to be. It took me out of dreading the appointment and into a state where I was open to whatever was going to happen.

And, sure enough, what happened next WAS unbelievable. I had a great meeting and afterwards, because I had gone to that place, at that time, I happened to run into my friend Lamar who has also been doing some coaching and we decided to trade some ideas over coffee and see how we could help each other succeed. It was awesome and I’m not sure any of it would have gone down the way it did if I hadn’t hacked my brain into a state of openness and genuine curiosity.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it on and see how it feels for yourself. And if you thought this post was total bullshit…do me a favor. At least say to yourself: “I thought I wasted my time reading a post that was total bullshit. You’ll never guess what happened next.”

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