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A Dental Tourist in Mexico – Part Four – Temporary Teeth Day

In the chair, getting my temporaries.

The next morning, Erika came by to scoop me up herself and take me to the clinic for my next appointment. When I got there, everything was already prepared and Doctor Melisa told me everything she was planning to do. I was to have more impressions made of my existing teeth, and while my temporaries were being made, she would grind down what teeth I had so the new ones would fit perfectly. As the anesthesiologist was unavailable that day, we’d be doing this under local anesthetic and it was going to take about two and a half hours. Needless to say, I was not terribly stoked about either but, hey, no pain, no gain, right? Right. So, I popped a valium, put on a Harry Potter book in my headphones and tried to relax.

Turns out, there was actually very little pain involved. Doctor Melisa’s skills were not oversold by her reviewers and, while it did take the full two and a half hours, the procedure was as smooth as any I’ve ever had done in the states. The only drawback was that, as a patient, I tend to need a lot of novocaine so I was a drooling mess afterward and when they sent me home, I couldn’t manage to eat or drink  for a couple of hours without holding my mouth closed with my hand…but my new teeth looked fabulous…and no amount of drooling could keep me from trying to smile as big as I could. It was a strange combination of looking like the Toxic Avenger from the novocaine and feeling like George Clooney with my pearly whites, simultaneously.

Now I had six days to rest, recover, and enjoy Vallarta before I went back for my final appointment to get my permanent, cubic zirconia choppers fitted and then fly home.

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