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A Dental Tourist in Mexico – Part Three – Post Op

My fine selection of Mexican post-op drugs.

I woke up early the next morning. The combination of the time change and the doctor’s instruction to sleep sitting up weren’t so conducive to a restful night, but I felt okay and because I had iced the hell out of my face before going to sleep, the swelling and soreness were totally manageable.

At this point, I was really glad I had opted for an apartment with a full kitchen for my accommodation because it was obvious that I was going to need to keep icing my face (thank goodness for plentiful ice trays) and that I’d need to stay in and rest if I was going to be ready for my next procedure the following day.

I spent most of the day in bed, binge watching a Netflix series and downing protein drinks to avoid chewing. Everything felt pretty good, but around four o’clock in the afternoon, my face began to feel pretty flushed and my cheeks went rosy. This, in combination with the fact that I was still bleeding gave me a little concern so I emailed Erika and told her the situation. She consulted with doctor Melisa and told me that if I was worried, I should come in. I went back and forth with myself for a few hours before erring on the side of caution and catching a cab to the clinic to get examined.

When I got there, Doctor Melisa was waiting. As it turns out, she had already gone home for the day and had returned just to see me (another sign that I was in the right place). She examined me for about five minutes and assured me that both the heat in my face and the amount of blood I was seeing were totally in line with the amount of work she had done. She also told me the lack of swelling was encouraging and that I had done a good job with icing myself. After that pat on the head, Erika called me an Uber (again, on their dime) and sent me packing until the next morning at nine a.m. when I was scheduled for my next procedure.


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